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1/3 SD &1/4 MSD BJD Doll Accessories Super Dollfie Camera AOD AF DL DK DOD DZ MK

eBay Watchers: 201

Price: US 3.88

1/4 BJD doll fairyland Chloe FREE FACE MAKE UP+EYES-for Christmas /birthday gift

eBay Watchers: 156

Price: US 139.99


eBay Watchers: 150

Price: US 139.99

1/4 BJD doll Girl Unoa lusis Doll FREE FACE MAKE UP+EYES-Araki_neutral color

eBay Watchers: 147

Price: US 139.99

BJD Doll Hair Wig 9-10 inch 22-24cm Blond Pink 1/3 SD DZ DOD LUTS E40

eBay Watchers: 139

Price: US 17.93